Mortgage Products offered by Real Mortgage Solutions  


Residential mortgages-   We offer...

  • Fixed rate CMHC/Genworth insured High Ratio Mortgages (low down payment or low equity)
  • Variable rate mortgages (insured and uninsured)
  • Manufactured Home financing
  • Single family homes, Condo units (both apartment and townhome style), Acreages, farms and raw land
  • Home Equity credit lines
  • Reverse mortgages (Canadian Home Income Plan- CHIP for seniors 55 )
  • Conventional Mortgages (20% down payment / equity, no-CMHC necessary)
  • Residential construction mortgages (both bank or private lenders...whatever makes sense)
  • Private mortgage financing (first, second, third  and forth mortgages) for good and bad credit
  • Access to Mortgage investment corporations and other licensed lenders
  • Bridge and interim financing (short term financing)
  • Completion financing (mortgages arranged to payout your construction financing)
  • Foreclosure repair mortgages
  • Lease To Own
  • Refinance and equity take-outs
  • Mortgage renewal reviews and switch mortgage (moving your mortgage to a different lender)
  • Credit coaching (sometimes it takes time to get to your goal of home ownership, but you need to know what the banks expect)           


Commercial and Agricultural Mortgages-  We offer...

  •      Bank financing for purchase of land and building
  •      Farm loans
  •      Factoring
  •      Motel/Hotel/ Restaurant
  •      Land banking
  •      Commercial equipment leasing
  •      Refinance
  •      Raw land and commercial lot purchases
  •      Investment financing
  •      Private lending for commercial ventures
  •      a brokerage fee will be required for Commercial and Agricultural deals (dependant on type of deal and amount of mortgage)


Mortgage Investment Opportunities-  We offer...

  •     Individual investment opportunities in private mortgages (contact Mike directly 780-940-0604)
  •     RRSP eligible private mortgage investment opportunities (diversify your portfilio..ask me how)
  •     Commercial and Residential investment opportunities
  •     We do not allow pooled mortgage funds (syndicated mortgages) just one on one Borrower/lender mortgages
  •     We assist with any concerns both before and after the transaction (generally throughout the mortgage)

Mike's philosophy... If I would not feel comfortable lending this deal out of my own savings, I will not ask you to risk yours

The deal needs to make sense and have an exit strategy (even in a worst case senario).

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  • 780-940-0604
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